Foreign Exchange. A Practical Guide To The Fx Markets

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Praise for Foreign Exchange «Tim Weithers starts by telling the reader that foreign exchange is not difficult, just confusing, but Foreign Exchange: A Practical Guide to the FX Markets proves that money is much more exciting than anything it buys

Foreign Exchange is full of jargon and conventions that make it very hard for non-professionals to gain a good understanding

Frequent references are made to the economic theory behind the trading practices. -John F

Nygaard, Director of Financial Mathematics, The University of Chicago An excellent text for students and practitioners who want to become acquainted with the arcane world of the foreign exchange market. -David DeRosa, PhD, founder, DeRosa Research and Trading, Inc., and Adjunct Professor of Finance, Yale School of Management Tim Weithers provides a superb introduction to the arcana of foreign exchange markets

O'Connell, Professor of Economics, College of the Holy Cross

Taylor, Chairman, CEO and CIO, FX Concepts The book reflects the author's doctorate from the University of Chicago, several years' experience as an economics professor, and, most recently, a very successful decade as an executive at a huge international bank

The text is exceptionally clear with numeric examples and exercises that reinforce concepts

These fundamental ingredients are seasoned with bits of wisdom and experience

This useful book is a whirlwind tour of the world's largest market, and the tour guide is an expert storyteller, inserting numerous fascinating insights and quirky facts throughout the book. -John R

Weither's book is a must for any student or professional who wants to learn the secrets of FX. -Niels O

What results is a very tasty intellectual stew. -Professor Jack Clark Francis, PhD, Professor of Economics and Finance, Bernard Baruch College In this book, Tim Weithers clearly explains a very complicated subject

While primarily intended for practitioners, the book would be a valuable introduction for students with some knowledge of economics

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